UK Aeroplane DevelopmentMany of us dream of “getting our wings” and learning to fly.  There are many flight training organisations in the UK providing instruction leading to pilot’s licences at all levels, from microlight to commercial qualification, fixed-wing and helicopters, even seaplane flying.  A typical course of instruction leading to a European Joint Aviation Authority (JAA) fixed wing private pilot’s licence (PPL A) is not exactly cheap.  Once instruction, text books, exams, medicals and essential equipment are totted up, the cost is likely to be in the region of £8500-£10000.  A minimum of 45 hours of instruction, both dual and solo, is required for a JAA PPL, though it may take longer to achieve the required standard.  The aspiring pilot must pass ground examinations in several relevant subjects including aviation law, navigation and meteorology.  If the bug really bites, further training in instrument and night flying can even lead to a commercial licence and a career as a professional pilot.


To help you get used to the lay out of a cockpit, there are numerous flight simulator sites and games available. They are so useful that professional pilots also use them as a way of familiarising themselves with the controls. You can always just enjoy them as a  fun action game whether you want to be a pilot or not.