Two pros and two cons of Windows Media Player

This article explains a little about the Windows media player and gives two pros and two cons about it. Windows media player is the most widely used media player on the planet, mainly because it comes free with Windows and the Windows operating system powers most of the PCs and laptops on the planet. It comes pre-installed and automatically updates so long as you leave the automatic update settings enabled. It also has a number of mixing and equalizer settings.

Pro - It has shuffle and loop

These two functions allow you to shuffle the tracks on your play list so that they play in a random order. If you right-click on the task bar then you can click “Play all music” and it will play your library in a random order. The loop function allows you to play the entire play list in repeat, or you can set it to play one song repeatedly.

Pro - There is no play list limit

You can add hundreds of hours of songs or movies and it will play them all if you set it to go from start to finish, (without the shuffle function on). The limit that the player can add on to the play list is more to do with your computer’s processor and RAM capacity than it is to do with the player itself.

Con - The shuffle function could be better

You can have your tracks play randomly, but it is often not random enough. If you used it every day, then you would notice that many of the same tracks would play daily. The only way to alter this is to take tracks from your library or add them. It is possible to miss entire tracks for weeks on end. They have released an update recently to try to solve this, but it is still not 100% and you will still find many of the same tracks playing.

Con - The shuffle function does not play every song

If you have 50+ hours of songs or movies on your play list then it will not play them all if the shuffle function is on. It will repeat some songs or start showing a black screen that you have to skip. It does not really become a problem unless you are the type of person who likes to skip through tracks, as it will then start being inconsistent sooner.